The Mission

Create a high-end fashion eCommerce, becoming in a few years an industry's giants competitor. 5 people working as 50 people and half a million billed in the first year of life.

Adriana Online

What I do

When you find yourself in a start-up there is no department where you can delegate jobs or ask for help: you need to roll up the sleeves and find the right solutions on your own.
With this spirit I became the manager of the photostudio but also of the Company's European warehouse (in Como, Italy).

I usually receive and store the goods in our warehouse, I insert the products into our Magento system, I shoot the products in our photostudio, I manage the picture's post-production and I publish the products, along with a seo-oriented description and a check for competitor's prices.

I actively participate in creating SEM campaigns either on google and facebook. I also prepare the packaging of the received orders and collect the shipping courier.
I even help our Customer Service Dept. with the day-to-day management of customer's returns and requests.

In a few words: I follow the entire product life cycle of the eCommerce, from receiving the goods, photo-shooting, publishing and selling it.